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Educate A Child

Giving every child the right to an education.

*63% of Pakistan is living in rural communities and they lack the basic infrastructure for an educational system. Currently, in Pakistan, we have 25 million children out of school according to a recent study published by the government.

 We believe we can create a better world through education.

 As an organization, we focus on building schools in locations where there is no school in the local vicinity and no official learning environment for the children. The lack of access to educational facilities is a serious challenge for these communities, especially for low-income families that cannot afford the travel expenses to a nearby school or the school fees.

 To tackle this problem, we are committed to creating a safe space for these children to have a healthy place to learn. We have been working in partnership with multiple government initiatives to build schools in these remote areas. Often, we have to lobby with influential decision-makers within the communities to encourage the locals to attend the workshops. In their local dialect, we teach families the importance of education for our future generations and how knowledge is the key to success.

 We are actively supporting over 47,000 children by facilitating them with an education and the basic needs of life. By empowering these children, we are giving them the confidence to succeed and a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty.

 We aim to fill this critical gap with dedicated buildings with good facilities and trained teachers with a view to equip all children to grow up having a healthy, happy childhood.

 Your support makes it possible. Sponsor a child today.


What does the sponsorship contribute to?

 Our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience the fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, inspired by our Muslim faith. 

·       School fees:  Our program offers a quality education free of charge for needy children. It relieves the families from having to choose between food or education. It allows children to enjoy their childhood and spend their time growing through learning and play.

·       School Uniform: Every child is given a summer and winter uniform to suit the needs of their geographical location. They are also gifted a pair of shoes, scarves, hats, gloves and most recently a hygiene pack to keep safe from getting sick.

·       Books and Stationery: Each child is given all the essential materials needed for success. Each child is gifted with a bag, educational books, notebooks and stationery kits.


Educate A Child

GET UK’s Educate a Child Program runs in over 35 districts in Pakistan most of which are rural areas.

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