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We intend to empower all of our children with confidence and independence, despite the challenges they may face in life. In this programme, we tailor our educational content to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities and other cognitive behavioral issues.

 Truth is, we are all different, we all have different stories, different needs and different dreams.

Our children with special needs, just need a little extra love, care and acceptance. Our program endeavors to inform locals of how best to cope with these differences and remove stigma from the child or the families involved. We have a specialist programme that supports teachers to understand how best keep these children engaged and adapt their learning to their skills and abilities. This is a hugely underfunded aspect of our educational system in Pakistan and often these children are kept out of school due to behavioral issues and lack of understanding of their condition.

We have over 1000 children that are currently in school and receiving an education along with other life skills to help them become confident members of our society.

Ordinary people making an extraordinary change. 


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Sponsor a disabled child now and reap the rewards of seeing them succeed in life.

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